Today is the launch day of our new exiting weekly lotto.

You Can Only Win If You Play Your “Number For Life”

If You Want To Play More Than One Toonie Each Week, Then Register for more than one “Number For Life” And Play Each Number

If anyone is interested in playing their extra numbers or wishes to register new numbers, or make payments via e transfer, please email by 12 PM (noon) on Thursday in order to be counted in this weeks draw.

How to Play

1. As a new player, you will drop in to one of our retailers and fill out a Registration form with your unique number. Only one person per form but you can register as many times as you wish. The number(s) remain your registered number(s) for life unless retired by you in writing.

2. Tear off and keep your copy of the form and deposit the registration form in the box. You are now a registered player with a unique number; however, you must play your number in order to win any weekly draw.

3. The cost to play is a toonie a week for each of your numbers. For each toonie, write your number very clearly on a sticker provided on the side of the box. Attach the sticker to your toonie and drop it in the box. That is all you need to do!

4. The cut-off time at our retail stores is Noon each week on Thursday. Weekly draws from registered numbers are made every Thursday at approximately 5:30 p.m. and the winner will be notified by telephone and/ or email that same evening. The winner will also be announced on our website and on Facebook.

5. Winners have 90-days from the date of the draw to claim their prize. (Note: a winner can only be a winner if they played their number.) Should a winner not collect their prize within 90-days their prize amount will be added to the first pot to be drawn following the 90-day period.

6. The draw value is 50% of the total pool each week. In the event a number is drawn that has not been played that week, the pot is carried over and added to the following weeks draw.


1. To be a player, you must be at least 19 years of age.

2. You must present a valid photo ID, including proof of age to claim your prize.

3. Your registered number(s) is yours for life unless retired upon your formal written request to

4. To play more then one toonie per week you must register for more than one number. There is no limit to the numbers you can register for and play.

5. For a chance to win each week, you must write your number on a sticker, place it on your toonie and drop it in the box.

6. Cut off time for playing each week (to be included in that weeks draw) is 12:00 PM (Noon) on Thursdays.

7. Draws will be held Thursday evening and the winner will be contacted by phone.

8. Rule Change:  We have applied to the Lotto Commission to change rule #8.  Currently it states that after four rollovers, we will continue drawing numbers on the fifth week until someone wins.  Effective June 8 2017, this rule will change to: after nine weeks of rollovers, we will continue drawing numbers on the tenth week until someone wins.  This rule change was suggested to us by many toonie droppers in order to have larger pots.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Participating Retailers

The UPS Store 450 Lahave Street, Unit 17, Bridgewater

OCR Equipment and Rentals 2285 Hwy 325, Oakhill

Napa Auto Parts 150 Logan Road, Bridgewater

New Germany Irving & Convenience 5254 Hwy 10, New Germany

Convenience In The Woods 1225 East Dalhousie Road, East Dalhousie

Tammy’s Country Shop 997 Hwy 10, Springfield

Bucky’s Garage 537 Faulkenham Road, East Dalhousie

Wentzell’s Garage 9462 Hwy 10, Nictaux

Maders Clover Farm Supermarket 1383 Barss Corner Rd, Barss Corner

Rona New Germany Building Supply 4422 Hwy 10, New Germany

Village Barber Shop 14 Varner Rd, New Germany

Bridgewater Esso / Jerry’s Diner 2 NOrth St Bridgewater

Petro-Canada / Robins 264 North St Bridgewater

• Weekly Draw From Registered Numbers

• If Winning Number Not Played. . . . $$$$$ Rollover To The Next Week

• If Winning Number Is Played

– 50% Winner’s Share

– Winner Will Be Notified

– Result Ill Be Published On Our Website And Facebook Page

Take advantage of our advance pay and play option and never worry about missing a week! We will email you when your balance is getting low.

NS Alcohol & Gaming Authority Licence # AGD-105466-16