Location and Parking

The Crossburn Snowmobile Club Trail System is located in the scenic county’s of Lunenburg, Annapolis, and King’s, in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The trails run from Middleton in the North to New Germany in the South and East Dalhousie to the East. Towards the west are many ungroomed wilderness trails and it is recommended that you ride with someone who is fimiliar with that area. From Middleton (South) you travel on an abandoned rail line, trail 101, across the Annapolis River, through Nictaux, there is a parking lot just before crossing Hwy 10up over the South Mountain, along the picturesque Oakes Brook, past Squirreltown Rd, Scott Rd, and Joe Simon Rd. These are seasonal roads that lead into “Joe Simon Country” trails 50, 52, 60, 62, and 70. This is a beautiful area made up of fire roads and numerous lakes. Further down the rail line you come to “Dalhousie Crossing” —- the gateway into a larger area of fire roads. Continuing South on the rail line, trail 10, you will pass a parking area located on Hwy 10 near the Cherryfield Rd. Further up the trail you come to the Village of New Germany.

East of Dalhousie Crossing you travel along trail 101 through the woods on the original “Military Highway” that was used by soldiers to go from Annapolis Royal to Halifax. You then come to the old “Davidson Lumber Company” rail line to Crossburn. In Crossburn, at the end of the Alton Road, there is a loading ramp and parking area. Continuing East from Crossburn through a varied collection of hills, valleys, rivers, and lakes you come to trails 30, 35, 90, and 101. In this area you will find “Snowman Conner” (KS-07) and trails 90 and 95. Here, at this intersection in 1970, one of the founding Club Members and friends made a very large snowman—four big snowballs high! The snowman froze and lasted all that winter, hence the name “Snowman’s Corner” Travelling further on these trails, 101 and 95, (KS-21) you enter the backyard of our neighbour Club, The Annapolis Valley Lake and Ridge Runners.

East on trail 35, will bring you to trail 30, which leeds to trail 20, which we are endeavoring to reconnect back to New Germany. Further on trail 35 brings you to Armstrong Lake and trail 5.

The Village of New Germany offers an Irving gas station, located across and down the street from the Fire Hall, New Germany Small Engine is about oppisite the Fire Hall and to the left of the trail. This business offers repairs and some parts for sledders. Going a bit further brings you to Charlies Pizza, along side the trail. The Trail “ends” at the Goose Chase Rd, where New Germany Building Supply is.

The town of Middleton there are various locations for gas, food and The Mid Valley Motel, just off Trail 101 West. Remember to use common sense when parking on private property. (More information on business locations and parking will be supplied shortly)

Nictaux has a Needs store with Fast Fuel, just East of the trail, on the corner of Highways #201 and #10. Once again traveling on any highway is an offense and you could be charged by an enforcement officer.

Crossburn offers three parking areas, the main area is at the end of the Alton Rd. There is a ramp and parking for 30-40 depending on trailer size. A second lot at the junction of Hwy 10 and trial 101 In Nictaux. The third is on Hwy 10 near Cherryfield road on trail 10. As always use at your own risk.

Borden’s in the Woods, located in East Dalhousie, is a gas bar and convenience store. Here you can enjoy light lunches of soup, sandwiches, and pizza. Borden’s in the Woods is located on the 30 trail, and ice conditions allowing at the bottom of Lake Torment. Hemlock Ridge, East Dalhousie, offers a Cabin rental on trail 30. Ledge’s Edge Lodge offers Cabin rental on trail 20.

Have a safe ride and thank you for your support.